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The key to long-term health is to get the entire family involved. Dr. Ron Eaker presents simple, practical, and livable ways to lose fat and achieve lasting health and wellness. Together families can stop the cycle of family-related weight problems 
get fit with uncomplicated, age-specific plans pursue physical, emotional, and spiritual health enjoy variety rather than endure restrictions learn what really works, based on science not fad.


Have you ever felt like you were falling apart? Has your "get up and go" gotten up and gone? Take Heart! Menopause is not a disease, and PMS is not all in your head. Holy Hormones! Approaching PMS and Menopause God's Way offers you the tools and information you need to celebrate this like transition - based on the wisdom of the Bible. Dr. Eaker shows you how to conquer your physical symptoms with his scientifically proven program of hormones, herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, diet, and prayer!


Easy-to-understand, straight-forward information about what's happening to women's bodies as they near and reach menopause that dispels myths about change of life, provides tips for a healthy lifestyle, and discusses treatment options.

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One Life is a parable of second chances. A fictional account of a man who has made poor choices regarding health and happiness who finds he has an opportunity to change his destiny. Written in a rapid fire, factual, and humorous tone, One Life provides essential guidelines for healthy living based on years of research and groundbreaking discoveries. Living healthy is a choice, and the first step is knowing what those choices are and how to implement them. One Life provides an entertaining and thoughtful introduction to your path to living well. Read One Life and start on the path to your Won Life.

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