Dr. Ron Eaker is a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Augusta, Georgia.  He graduated with highest                                                                               honors from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and went on to complete his medical school training at UT’s                                                                              Center for the Health Sciences in Memphis.  He completed his residency at the Medical College of Georgia in 1988                                                                              where he served as Chief Resident.


                                                           Dr. Eaker is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a clinical advisor to the                                                                                    American Running and Fitness Association.  In 1994 he was awarded the national Focus on Patient Education                                                                                      Award by the American College of Ob-Gyn for his innovative patient education program on menopause, and has been listed in “America’s Best Doctors” for the past seven years.  He is the past Chief-of-staff and Chairman of the department of OB-Gyn at Trinity Hospital.  Most recently, he is a founding board member of the Institute of Religion and Health, a non-profit group that connects the spiritual, business and medical communities.  Most recently he has been awarded Diplomate status by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and is a member of the Obesity Society and the Obesity Medicine Association.


      Dr. Eaker is the author of “Holy Hormones”, Approaching PMS and Menopause God’s Way,  “Healthy Habits for a Fit Family” from Bethany House Publishers: a guide to fitness in mind, body , and spirit, and most recently “A Woman’s Guide To Hormone Health”, a book on everything menopause.  It explores such topics as natural hormones, herbs, prayer, exercise, nutrition, and stress.

       For the past ten years, Dr.Eaker has written a newspaper column on health issues and numerous magazine and online articles. He writes a weekly blog as well as a monthly newsletter for patients.

      Dr.Eaker is the medical director for Women's Wellness Weight Management, a comprehensive weight loss and maintenance program addressing mind, body, and spirit.

     Dr. Eaker has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows such as Life Today with James Robison, Moody radio, and Janet Parshall’s America discussing women’s health and he conducts several seminars every year on the biblical principles of health and healing.  

      His greatest asset, other than his faith in God, is his wife Susan and his two daughters Katie and Caroline.   When he is not practicing medicine, writing, speaking, sleeping, or eating….he is running, having completed seventy-seven marathons and half marathons on three continents including Chicago, New York, Reykjavík, Rome and five Boston Marathons.



Ron Eaker,M.D.